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Invasion Without Tears was constructed and inspired to accompany Experience Days at 

Compton Abbas Airfield, Dorset, illustrating the essence of war time aviation through an immersive experience. 


Interspersed with historical archives from family military personnel, the piece takes a personal stance using written instructions for the Royal Air Force Regiment for the 1944 D-Day Landings. 

It’s sound design presents organic field recordings of the airfield’s aircraft engines, utilised to produce a real world context. 


Composed as a three-part narrative, the thesis, In Memoriam plays as an underscore to accompany the airfield’s hangar room, reflecting ideas of remembrance in coordination with the displays. The anti-thesis, Terrors of the Skies, represents the small world of aviation between man and sky whilst replicating the sudden change in narrative and movement of flight through melodic phrasing. Two creative worlds in aviation, traditional romanticism of 1940s (insp. Pearl Harbour) and modernism /evolving film score of 1980s (insp. Top Gun), merge to form the synthesis, Tributa Heroibus. Translating to  ‘Tribute to the Heroes’, the music returns to the thesis’s tone of remembrance and solidarity.

Composed and produced as a template for Bleeding Fingers Music's History Tones Album

Composed and produced as a template for Bleeding Fingers Music's History Tones Album

Composed as a template for the Bleeding Fingers Music's Blue Planet series, the narrative follows the chase between the rattle snake and shrew. The piece aims to explore instrumentation within character themes, focusing on thematic evolution while illustrating animation and movement of wildlife within phrasing.

Art & Sound

An exploration of the works and identity of British painter Adrian Heath (1920-1992), accompanied by abstract compositional material. 

In the Autumn of 2022, Sophie undertook the role of Composer and Musical Director for the theatrical production of The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage, directed by Zoë Templeman-Young at the Bute Theatre, Cardiff. Working alongside instrumentalists to produce a real-world context, Sophie produced the soundtrack behind the production, aiming to guide the audience through Phillip Pullman's narrative of magic and adventure.

"I had the pleasure of directing RWCMD’s production of Mary Stuart in February 2022, for which Sophie composed the music. Sophie recognised right from the start exactly was required for the production, in terms of mood and temperament, as well as how I wanted each character to be portrayed. Having worked on productions in the West End, the National Theatre and on Broadway, I was really impressed by Sophie’s resourcefulness and creativity and will definitely keep her in mind for future projects"

Daniel Raggett, Associate Director of West Side Story

(West End, Broadway)

An anthem written for the Worshipful Company of Loriners. The company's establishment, dating
back to 1261, originally traded in the
 the craft and distribution of the horse apparel (bits, stirrups, spurs and bridles). Today, the
company financially and socially supports and celebrates the equine industry through charity.  

To celebrate the community of the Worshipful Company of Loriners, Epinicium Equitis was written to musically accompany events held on behalf of the Company, commissioned by its Master, Mr C. Gurley Esq. The compositions stands 
as the official anthem of the Worshipful Company of Loriners.

Focusing on colour conception through visuals, Nightbook presents the exploration of electronic
sound palettes through motors, synthesis and washes of texture, portraying the 
colours of night time.

Exploring soundscapes and organic recording, Memories from the Backyard captures the lifeblood and tranquility of the southern countryside during the summer of 2020 using archives and personal memories. 

A collection of narrative driven compositions based on the Covid-19 outbreak, capturing the essence of it's timeline.
Orchestral palettes and  synthesis merge to illustrate the evolution of the virus and it's impact on humanity.

A theatrical composition focusing on the passion for one's work and craft and it's impact on every day life. Focus was set on manipulating electronic and textural material to accompany the idea of spoken poetry.

A theatrical piece involving speech and music, similarly structured to the likes of 'Drive', aiming to practise the call and response between lyrical and musical phrasing. Audible sound design is introduced to present an immersive experience, exploring the individuals passion on a deeper level.

An exploration of the evolution of late summer into early autumn, illustrating the  development of colour of the outside world. The aspect of tempo is largely explored to mirror the pace of evolution, utilising a number of themes to present each stage.

Composed in the early stages of the first academic year at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, this composition explores the aspect of character expression and speech through instrumental technique and musical phrasing, demonstrating the art of conversation and it's ever-changing structures. 

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